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1. At the invitation of His Excellency Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counsellor of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, paid a 5-day official visit to Japan from 1st to 5th November2016.

2. On the morning of 2nd November 2016, the State Counsellor met with Myanmar community in Japan at Rihga Hotel in Waseda. The meeting was attended by about 1,300 Myanmar nationals. During the meeting, the State Counsellor stressed that Myanmar citizens staying in Japan including students and businessmen are encouraged to contribute their experience for the development of their homeland, and for those who were already granted other citizenships should also be loyal to their respective countries; at the same time, they are advised not to forget the gratitude of their motherland. The State Counsellor also replied the questions raised by Myanmar nationals, pertaining to political, economic, social, cultural, education and consular matters.

3. The State Counsellor later visited Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo, met with the staff members and families of the Myanmar Embassy and the Office of the Military, Naval and Air Attaches’, and attended the lunch hosted by the Myanmar Embassy.

4. In the evening, the State Counsellor was accorded a ceremonial welcome by the Prime Minister of Japan at Akasaka State Guest House. Then, the State Counsellor and the Prime Minister of Japan held a bilateral meeting. During the meeting, the two leaders discussed matters of bilateral relations including the promotion of economic cooperation, defense cooperation, human resources development of Myanmar, expansion of youth exchanges and Japan’s support towards National Reconciliation process in Myanmar, and regional issues.

5. Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe committed himself to support Myanmar’s democratization process, development of human resources through people-to-people exchange, encouraging more private investment from Japan, and support for the national reconciliation and peace process in Myanmar. Moreover, Prime Minister Mr. Abe pledged to extend economic assistance worth Japanese Yen (40) billion over next five years for development projects in ethnic minority areas in Myanmar. The Prime Minister was convinced that the aid would help Myanmar settle its deep-rooted ethnic conflict, as well as supporting top priorities for the Myanmar Government.

6. The Prime Minister also announced that the Government of Japan and Japan-based private-sector businesses are ready to contribute a total of about Japanese Yen (800) billion to the development of Myanmar through Myanmar-Japan Cooperation Programmes in support of the Myanmar Government’s efforts for equitable development between rural and urban areas over next five years.

7. The State Counsellor expressed her appreciation on behalf of the Government and the people of Myanmar for consistent support extended by the Government and the people of Japan for peace and national reconciliation, and democratisation in Myanmar. The State Counsellor stressed that the said fund would be utilized efficiently and transparently. The State Counsellor also expressed her heartfelt appreciation for assistance pledged by the Japanese Government and private sector, and asked for effective support to necessary requirement of the country, particularly in the areas of agriculture, transportation, energy sufficiency, and human resources development.

8. Afterwards, the State Counsellor and the Prime Minister of Japan attended the signing ceremony of “Exchange of Notes for the dispatch of volunteers to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar under the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Program between the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the Government of Japan”. Then, the two leaders held a joint press conference and briefed the press on the highlights of the discussions and points of agreements reached during the talks. After the joint press conference, the State Counsellor attended the welcome dinner hosted by Prime Minister ABE at the Kacho-Hall at Akasaka State Guest House.

9. On the morning of 3rd November 2016, the State Counsellor received Foreign Minister Mr. Fumio KISHIDA at the Imperial Hotel and exchanged views on bilateral, regional and international matters including Myanmar’s ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban treaty (CTBT), cooperation in the advancement of regional connectivity which would contribute to peace and security of the region, as well as connectivity among countries in the Mekong region. The Foreign Minister expressed Japan’s readiness to support for the successful hosting of ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Myanmar in 2017.

10. Afterwards, the State Counsellor left for Kyoto to receive an Honourary Doctorate Degree in the advancement of democracy, conferred by the Kyoto University. After the ceremony, the State Counsellor held a panel discussion with students from Kyoto University. In the evening, the State Counsellor attended the dinner hosted by the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, the Mayor of Kyoto and the Chairman of Kyoto City Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Kyoto State Guest House.

11. On the morning of 4th November 2016, the State Counsellor had a royal audience with Their Majesties Emperor AKIHOTO and Empress MICHIKO at the Imperial Palace of Japan in Tokyo.

12. On the same day, the State Counsellor attended the Luncheon hosted by the Japanese Business Federation (Keidanren) and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), where she delivered a speech, welcoming more responsible investment from Japanese private sectors. In the evening, the State Counsellor gave a press conference to Japanese media at the Japan National Press Club.

13. In the evening, the State Counsellor attended the dinner hosted by Chief Cabinet Secretary Mr. Yoshihide SUGA at the State Guest House. During the dinner, Mr. SUGA expressed that the visit of State Counsellor to Japan was fruitful and productive with three major results—the Government of Japan could pledge its continued support to the new administration of Myanmar, the Prime Minister and the State Counsellor share views on promotion of people-to-people exchange between the two countries, and the State Counsellor herself invited more responsible investment from Japanese private sectors. Mr. SUGA committed himself to ensure speedy implementation of the agreements that have been reached between the two leaders.

14. The State Counsellor left Japan on 5th November 2016at 11:00hrs and arrived back in Yangon at 16:00 hrs. 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nay Pyi Taw
Dated: 5th November 2016

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